We are facing a very serious problem of DUALITY which has neither been understood and therefore nor been defined.

the basic problem

  1. No system, if it is a system in pure technical sense, can ever sustain itself in perpetuation.
  2. But a perfectly Closed System is expected to sustain itself in perpetuation.


  1. It is not a Closed System.
  2. And therefore can’t sustain in perpetuation.

The inference being valid –

Such a system cannot be closed, and if it is, such a system cannot sustain itself in perpetuation.


The universe does show sign of perpetuation, because universe is a perfectly Closed System.

how does one explain this inbuilt DUAL CONTRADICTION?

Furthermore and even more importantly –

Theory of Everything is based on the assumption that, the universe is a perfectly Closed System, otherwise it would lend itself to the concept of creation, in which case one would never arrive at a scientifically valid Theory Of Everything.

Therefore –

To arrive at a valid and scientific Theory of Everything, one has to assume that the Universe is a perfectly Closed System to avoid the concept of Creation.


For all practical purpose this assumption would be invalid, because no system can ever sustain itself in perpetuation.


The universe does show signs of perpetuation, reinforced by the Law of Con of Energy – viz. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”.

yet again,

Universe does exhibits contradicting features –

  1. Perpetuation,
  2. Big Bang and therefore Big Collapse, eventually.

how can one solve such a serious duality?




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